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Fungal nail infection

Are you trying to disguise ugly yellow discoloured toenails with red nail polish? Have you discoloured thickened nails and want to have your pedicure in time for Summer? If you answer yes to these questions we can treat your fungal nail infections using laser & IPL at Elite Aesthetic Clinic An alternative name for Fungal Nail infections is onychomycosis they are becoming increasingly common, affecting up to one in ten of the UK population. Fungal nail infections can be unsightly and embarrassing, it can affect one or more toe or finger nails. It most often affects the big toenail or little toenail. Men are more likely than women to be affected. HOW DO I KNOW I HAVE NAIL FUNGUS? Thickened nails Crumbly or brittle nails Nail distorted in shape or separated Nail with no lustre or shine White, yellow or brown coloured nail CURRENT TREATMENTS * Anti fungal medicines The most commonly prescribed are Terbinafine and Itraconazole .

These usually need to be taken once or twice a day for several months to ensure the infection has completely cleared up. If you stop taking the medication too early, the infection may return.

Possible side effects of antifungal tablets can include headaches , itching, diarrhoea , loss of sense of taste, and a rash * Anti fungal paint , nail paint isn't generally considered to be as effective as tablets because it can be difficult for it to reach the deeper layers of the nail. However, it doesn't usually cause any side effects * Removing the nail A procedure to remove affected nails completely isn't usually necessary, but may be recommended if the infection is severe or painful and other treatments haven't helped. If your nail is surgically removed, a new nail should eventually grow back in its place. However, it could take a year or more for the nail to grow back completely. * Laser /IPL treatment can eradicate fungal infections in 6-8 sessions.

The laser emits high doses of light energy, which are used to destroy the fungus. The benefits of laser /IPL treatments for fungal nail infections 1. A safe recognised non- invasive treatment 2. Avoids the need for oral medication which may have potential side effects. The Treatment We usually recommend between 6 -8 treatments at weekly intervals. As a general guide, if you have had the infection longer than 5 years you may require more treatments, there is a greater chance of success if only 1 out if 10 toes are affected. There is a poor prognosis if all 10 toes are affected. It is vital to remove all nail polish prior to your treatment. No drugs, no pain, no downtime. Treatment cost vary , package deals are available on request . Pre-treatment advice

File down your nails prior to each session at least 2 days before your treatment. if your nails are thick and difficult to cut, soak your feet in a saline solution for 30 minutes prior to cutting them.

With fungal nail infections called onychomycosis the nail tends to thicken. Filing down the nail allows greater penetration of the laser light into the treatment site. Post-operative care * Patient needs to throw away their socks and if possible their shoes in order to prevent the fungal infection recurring.

* The application of almond oil on all toes afterwards helps to soften the cuticles and prevents the nails from splitting or breaking.

* If new nail growth is observed after several treatments, then the procedure has been a success.

* Keep your hands and feet clean and dry

* Wear well-fitting shoes made of natural materials and clean cotton socks – these will allow your feet to "breathe"

* Clip your nails to keep them short – use a separate pair of clippers or scissors for the infected nail

* Don't share towels and socks with other people, and ensure your towels are washed regularly

* Don't walk around barefoot in public pools, showers, and locker rooms – special shower shoes are available to protect your feet.

* Treat athletes foot as soon as possible to avoid the infection spreading to your nails We also accept referrals from podiatrist




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"I visited Elite after a friends recommendation in both 2013 and last year. I find their services excellent and after my hydro facial I purchased some of their products as gifts. Emma and her team are very helpful and informative. Highly recommended"

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